Jenna + Logan

What. A. Group. This bridal party kept me on my toes, that's for sure. Logan and Jenna let me know in advance that their bridal party was going to be a good time and they did not disappoint! What I love about a bridal party like this one is that they are so freaking excited for the bride and groom- they have no choice but to party their butts off!

Speaking of, I am also crazy excited for Jenna and Logan. The way Logan looked at Jenna on their wedding day- it gave me all the goosebumps. I'm just so excited for them and their life together in Colorado!

Congratulations, you two! All my love <3

The Miller Family | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Oops. Another family session where after culling through the images, I am left with hundreds (literally, 400 images) that I think are all winners. So, I go through and get pickier and am left with only the excellent images. The images that, if I were on the receiving end, I would want ALL of because they are all so good. The images where the boys are making their most adorable faces, where mom and dad are laughing and telling jokes, where the snuggles are real and the hugs are in the form of bear. And that brings the grand total down to 244.

Like I said, oops.

But the way I see it is like this- why not give as many images as I can? Why not give you three images where it looks like your little boy's smile is all the same? When a momma bear looks at those three images, she will see three different smiles from her little boy. She will see the nuances and quirks in his little smile that only a momma can see. Yeah, I leave the really hard decisions to the client ;)

The Miller's. One of those families where every smile was different, but genuine and worth keeping. I am absolutely head over heals for those little boys and feel so lucky to have been able to get so many wonderful images for them.

Take a look, fall in love with those boys, then email me to set up your time to capture timeless smiles <3

Amanda + Kory | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

My first elopement- aside from my own, I guess- and boy was it amazing. First of all, it was on my birthday. So, I mean, right away I knew it was going to be a good day. And then it was in Galena- one of my favorite little towns around here- at a little inn. 

Let me just say that I will always travel to any destination to photograph any wedding. I love them so much! A celebration of love in any way is truly special and I always feel so grateful to be able to be a witness. Their wedding was small and intimate and sweet and perfect and it was just wonderful.

I hope you like a little sneak peek at Amanda and Kory's wedding- it really was as sweet as they are!

The Newquist Family | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Anytime a new family contacts me for photos I'm pretty much over the moon. Getting to learn what makes them laugh, what makes them happy, where they are ticklish, what their favorite toys and activities are- I just get so excited to meet a new family! AND I absolutely love getting to be around families when all they have to do is love on each other. 

PLUS, it's an easy way to my heart when the family is a new little family of three with a little girl only a few months older than my little guy. Watching her play and toddle around and chat to everyone- I just can't believe my little Charlie will be as old as Claire in a matter of, like, months. 

PLUS, PLUS, I love seeing the way a new baby brings a mom and dad closer together. How much more in love they seem now that they have a mini-them. This little trio- no different. Mom and dad totally crazy for each other and over the moon about their baby girl and their little bitty Claire crazy about them in return. 

As usual, I edited way too many images and what you are seeing here is truly the sneak peek. It's only about a third of their final images! All self control just goes out the window when I see so much adorableness.

I loved spending the evening with them and hope you enjoy their session as much as I did!! 

Summer + Ben | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Summer and Ben. Two people who are so in love and were so eager to get married and start their lives as mister and missus. Their wedding day couldn't have been more perfect. Their ceremony took place on Ben's family's farm where oh my gosh the view was quintessentially Iowa. Rolling hills filled with sprouting corn, barns, tractors, vintage cars- the whole 9 yards. And when the bride says she wants to take photos with the old family barn, you say heck yeah!

So. Much. Fun. to watch Summer and Ben say their 'I Do's'. Their love is sweet and romantic and will only grow deeper and deeper. Hope you all enjoy a peak at their day- it really was a great way to spend a day!