The Truth About Co-Working at The Sheridan House | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Daniel and I work really well together. We have worked together on numerous theatrical productions professionally in the area. He is my boss at Davenport Junior Theatre where he is the Performing Arts Supervisor and Artistic Director. I am his boss at Shared Light where I occasionally (maybe more than occasionally) need IT help. We work together on house projects, landscaping projects and now our latest project named Charlie. I feel really lucky that we see eye to eye on so many things. From little things like Gala or Pink Lady apples (Pink Lady, obvs) to big things like how to invest and save money. 

Above all, we agree that we will do whatever we need to do to see that Charlie thrives. Charlie needs lots of interaction, stimulation and physical contact. He was colicky for his first few months earthside and was dealing with some birth trauma that made him not ever want to be set down.  We wear him when we can, hold him when we can, love on him and cuddle him and still try to make sure he gets enough independent time with a play mat and toys. If you read my previous post about our nanny, you know that Miss Emily has been a true lifesaver a few days a week. But for the other days when we still need to get work done, we have established our very own coworking space. It's nothing fancy, just a couple small desks in our dining room, but it has helped *so* much to keep us less stressed and more able to get work done. 

Daniel has the ability to log into a Remote Desktop portal through the City's IT department and is able to work from home quite a bit. We had turned one of the three bedrooms in the house into an office space, but as the talk of more kids comes up, we realized it won't be able to be an office forever. So, we downsized, decluttered and moved him to the dining room, right next to me. We listen to music, podcasts or TV shows (right now I'm getting caught up on The Walking Dead!) and do all the things we need to for our family and our jobs! Here's a picture of how it all turned out!