The Truth About The Best Decision Ever | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

For a long time, Daniel and I were not interested in kids. We were focused on each other, traveling, DIYing the house and, our careers. Well, when the we're-starting-to-get-older-this-is-our-chance topic of kids came up again, we decided that I would quit my day job and focus on Shared Light full time. I could work from home AND take care of the baby! It would make so much sense! Best Decision Ever. Sounds perfect right?

Well here we are, four months in. And let me just say there is no such thing as 'working from home and talking care of an infant'. It just doesn't happen.

So, we've decided to hire a nanny. This is the Best Decision Ever. Emily comes to our house a few days a week and plays and cuddles with Charlie. She started this week and already is worth twice her weight in gold! I am able to get work done AND be home with my baby! It's amazing. I would recommend a nanny to ANYONE. Charlie is a cuddle bug. He loves snuggles and interaction and stimulation and seeing things and Emily is able to give him all of that while I work. His needs are being met by people who love him and that makes this Momma's heart swell. Knowing that he's in good hands makes working for our family that much more rewarding.

Even though it's the off season, there is so much to do! Getting things ready to kick off 2017, rebuilding the website, starting from scratch *again* with a new blog, planning a bunch of fun things to celebrate Share Light's 5th birthday AND shooting and editing sessions! It's these little in-betweens that help my business to thrive during the busy season. What I'm doing now, one could argue, is even more important than what I shoot and edit and post during the busy season! 

I love work. I love to do things that have an impact. I love to provide for our family. I love my clients and I love what I am able to provide for them. Mostly, I love that my job doesn't feel like work. It feels like accomplishments. A couple small accomplishments in a day lead to a lot a week and tons in a month. Being able to do this 'job' from home is messy, challenging, wonderful and makes the nanny The Best Decision Ever.


Here's a picture of the two of them!