Kat + Kyle | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's a small, small world! I met Kat and Kyle through mutual theatre friends in the area (most of whom I had done headshots for) and at their wedding reception, I ran into at least half the theatre community! At the time, I was 25 weeks pregnant but looked at least 35 weeks so got lots of "Hang in there"s and "No, really! You look so cute!"s. Really wish I could have been at the Who's Who of Quad Cities Theatre 2016 looking more like myself but eh, what're you gonna do?

The day itself was somewhere south of sunny but north of a total flood and decided to rain- a lot- all morning and afternoon. The wedding was scheduled to be outside at 3pm and at a down pouring 2pm Kat's parents called to ask "Okay- what's the plan?" This totally BA girl didn't even care about the rain. She said, no, we're doing it. It will either rain or it won't and I'll either have an umbrella or I won't. We're doing this thing. And wouldn't you know, at 2:50pm the rain nearly stopped and Kat walked down the sidewalk-isle to the Lilac Garden Gazebo at Duck Creek Park in Davenport. Sure, it was cold and I had my camera tightly wrapped in plastic and rubber bands and would have been freezing had it not been for baby weight insulating me, but it. was. great. Kat's own dad acted as the officiant and married the two in front of their families all huddled together to stay warm. I don't think the cold even effected Kat. She looked so focused on Kyle that I don't think she even shivered until after the ceremony! 

This wedding was so cute. It had a vintage Hollywood/rockabilly vibe and Kat totally rocked the look! Her bridesmaids all had different colored crinoline under their dresses and despite the clouds, there was so much color! The reception was at the Col Ballroom in Davenport- a fitting location indeed! 

The day may have been dreary, but Kat, Kyle and their smokin' bridal party kept things lively. Congrats again you two! <3