Bethany + Idris | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This year when I started thinking about Valentine's Day, all I could think about was all the awesome couples I met this year celebrating their first Valentine's as husband and wife! It made me say 'awww' in a super cheesy way :) I thought that for today's blog, I would share another fantastic wedding from 2016!

This was one of the coolest weddings I've been to in a long time! On top of Bethany and Idris being so crazy about each other it gives you tingles, it was a wedding full of life and culture! Idris's family is from Nigeria so naturally his heritage was a large part of their wedding day. Everyone was dancing and celebrating and laughing and I wanted to stop taking pictures so I could dance too! The entire evening was contagious and so much fun! My favorite part was the Mother/Son dance. Idris and his mom started things out, but his mom soon started motioning to fellow family and friends to join them on the dance floor. Pretty soon there was a huge group of people dancing and that's how it stayed for the next hour! It was so energizing and fun!

I am so happy for these two and wish them nothing but love and happiness in their future <3