The Hamor Family | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

When a client emails and says 'my brother is getting ready to be stationed 12 hours away and we don't know when we'll see him again- is there anyway you can fit us in for a session today or tomorrow?' I say 'absolutely.' My brother is a Marine and was deployed to Helmand Province in Afghanistan and then stationed in Beaufort, SC, and it would have been AMAZING to have photos like this before he left. Sure, Meghan wanted a session to have lots of photos of her brother, and we did that, but when I do a session for someone, it's all encompassing. I mean, why not?! Her two little girls were adorable and I adore photos of grandkids with their grandparents and I also love photos of a happy couple and, and, and! Bottom line? This family now has fantastic photos of all of them. Together. And they can look at these when they miss each other and again when they are together.