Elyse + Spencer | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

"I'm just excited to marry Spencer and love him and become his wife." From my first meeting with Elyse almost a year ago, this has been what I have heard her say more than anything. She said it at our initial bridal meeting, at their engagement photos, at our pre-wedding meeting and again on her wedding day. Someone would present her with an issue- 'we don't know where the boutonnieres are', 'the DJ is late getting set up' and 'they're missing the DMX cable for the piano' were all met with 'It's really okay. Because me and Spencer are going to get married and that is what the day is about- our love.' And boy was she right. All day-of issues work themselves out and if they don't, then that's just part of your wedding.

I just loved how much Spencer and Elyse love each other. It is so obvious to see Spencer look at Elyse that he is still hard core crushing on her, even after 5+ years together. I knew how much they loved each other, but at their wedding I learned how much they are both loved by everyone. I'm not kidding. EVERYONE loves these two. They have two of the biggest hearts and brightest spirits and it's easy to see why they had a bridal party of 18! Seeing how much they were loved and hearing their vows to one another brought me to tears more than once. 

I truly had so much fun spending part of my New Years Eve with these two. The ceremony at Milltown Coffee in Moline was AMAZING (seriously, have your wedding there and then have me photograph it for you!) and the reception at the Holiday Inn was packed with people dancing the night away. Congratulations again you two, I wish you all the best in the future <3 <3