Charlie Turns 6 Months | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

My baby is 6 months old. SIX MONTHS! I am telling you, time goes way too fast. I heard a quote once that says 'if you want to see time pass, have a child' and boy-oh-boy is that true. Charlie just keeps growing and growing and growing.

So here are some stats: he's currently wearing 9 month clothes, weighs 20lbs and is a solid little hunk of baby! He has a meme-worth case of FOMO and is one of the most observant babies I have ever known. He loves naked time and hates when he accidentally rolls onto his belly. He is still entirely breastfed and generally sleeps 10-12 hours a night, but only if he is right next to me. He has the absolute BEST gummy little smile and the prettiest blue almond shaped eyes. He is definitely his own person and seeing his personality develop is such a joy!

I'm a planner and, like my birth, had parenting all planned out. Then Charlie came we realized that you can have the most well intentioned plans, but baby does what baby does and ultimately you have to do what is best for you and your family. We're still adjusting to having him around and just as we think we have a routine figured out, things change and we have to establish a new routine. I don't know if we will ever 'master' parenting- does anyone? All you can do is love your kids and raise them to be the best people they can be. 

I love this kid. He just makes the world a brighter place <3