I Had To Get Headshots And It Wasn't The Worst | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Oh. My. GaaahhhhhIhadtogetinfrontofthecamera. It was time. The last business headshot I had of myself was taken a long time ago by my dear husband to whom I said things like 'tilt the lens down a bit' and 'not like that' and 'dear God what are you doing?'

So, reluctantly, I asked someone to do my headshots. Someone who I met a year ago at a Tuesdays Together meeting and then kept in touch with via Facebook messenger. This someone is a darling cross fitting momma named Maggie Rechkemmer and she is the creative behind IRON AND LACE PHOTOGRAPHY. She is just the greatest. In fact, she's so awesome that she has agreed to be my second shooter for weddings! You guys, she is so good that I liked ALL of my headshots. Yeah. Not sure how that happened because I hate being in front of the camera and started doing all the things I tell headshot clients not to do (like fidget, fake laugh, tilt my head on funny angles, etc). But within minutes she had me feeling comfortable and giving up genuine smiles. As much as I was dreading having my photo taken, it ended up being kind of amazing. I guess what I'm saying here is twofold:

One- Maggie is the bees knees. Seriously- check out her stuff. www.ironandlacephoto.com

Two- I don't like being in front of the camera any more than you, my dear client! And I realize how important it is for you to be comfortable and that's something I'm good at- getting clients to relax and bust out those big genuine smiles! Much the same way Maggie did with me! That's one of the big things I hear back from clients: "Jessica made me feel completely comfortable!" -Brooke Hamilton. Just know, I feel you. I get it and it can be awkward to be in front of the lens. But also know, I'll get you to relax and be yourself :)

Maggie- thank you so much for doing these photos! I CANNOT wait to work with your family in the future! <3 <3

Photos by Maggie Rechkemmer @ IRON AND LACE PHOTOGRAPHY