Lauren + Jeff | Quad Cities Wedding and Engagement Photographer

So, a couple of weeks ago it. was. gorgeous here in the Quad Cities. Like, shorts and a t-shirt, drive with the windows down kind of weather. Well, the entirety of the Quad Cities was laughed at by Mother Nature when she decided to rear her ugly winter self and rain down a shell of frigid cold on all of us who were so looking forward to being done with coldness. 

And that's where Lauren and Jeff's engagement session fell- in the cold abyss of winter in Iowa. We had all been spoiled the warmer weather so we were in for a bit of a shock when we met down by the river and about froze off exposed digits. I mean, I was bundled in a sweatshirt, bulky coat, thick socks, boots and a hat and was still gasping at the wind chill! Lauren not only had 1/4 of the clothes I did, she also didn't make a single 'wind in my face' face. She was just stunning. The whole time. And she and Jeff look so good together, it made taking their photo in what felt like arctic temperatures that much easier.

Lauren and Jeff were- cold, sure- but mostly just so into each other that they didn't let it bother them too much. We started outside right on the river, ventured into a bar for a warm-me-up and then headed out again- this time out of the wind's direct line of fire! The lights came on a Bass Street Landing for us (thanks, City of Moline!) and made for some stunning photos!

What I think I loved most about this session was that it was part styled/part lifestyle. Lauren is a fantastic artist and naturally has an eye for things that go. Her style paired with my style made for some unbelievable shots! The mix of lifestyle type photos in the bar was a great addition to their session and was maybe my favorite part :)

Lauren and Jeff, I am so excited for the two of you and I'm so glad we got to spend the evening together! Thanks for rolling through and loving each other so much <3 <3