Baby Max | Quad Cities Wedding and Newborn Photographer

When your cousin has a baby and asks you to take the newborn photos, you queue up some podcasts, buy a giant coffee and drive to Des Moines one Tuesday. I got to hang with Max -all 7 squishy pounds of him- in his lil man cave for a couple hours and it. was. great. He is such a sweet little guy and makes the most adorable little squeaks! I don't quite miss Charlie being a newborn (cause let's be honest, that ish is HARD to deal with) but it got me close to wishing he was at least small again!

It's crazy to see someone you grew up with do things like get married and have kids. I still remember the days of playing basketball in his driveway and, yeah Tom, looking through your closet-turned-Pez collection ;)! And now he's all grown up with a tiny of his own. 

Congratulations Tom and Emily- Max is perfect and I can't wait to see him again on Easter <3 <3