Brent + Sara | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Everyone has their own love story. Their stories can twist, turn, dip and peak, but more than anything, they are works in progress. While they are written in ink and it's hard to erase what you write, there is a lot of blank paper where you can add to your future. You can change the course of your love story at any time; add to your relationship endlessly, choose each other over and over again and always be working towards the greatest love story ever told. I don't think anyone's love story is perfect but, that's not what love is about. I guess I don't exactly know what love is 'about', but I know it's worth it. Every twist, every turn, every dip and every peak.

I got to be there with Brent and Sara the day they decided to choose love. After 10 years together, three kids, some highs and some lows, they decided to renew their vows of love and I was so honored to be a witness! To acknowledge their marriage and family in a fresh way and to say 'I Do'- again!

Sara said to me last spring "Your marriage has to be first. As soon as you start to sacrifice each other for the kids' schedule, work, friends or anything else, you're in for trouble." At the time I was about 7 1/2 month pregnant and I remember thinking "But, aren't the kids supposed to come first? Isn't that like...the rule?" And then I had Charlie and was really able to understand what she said. I realized just how quick life can take everything from you, if you let it, and leave you with nothing to give to your partner. Especially those newborns, man. It's not always easy and in fact sometimes it's downright HARD to balance everything life has to throw at you, but that's why love is worth celebrating! And I suppose that's why I love shooting weddings so much!

Every day you have to actively choose your partner. It's fun, really! To choose to keep flirting, to choose to keep smiling, to choose to love. I'm not saying there aren't days when couples hate each other's guts (love you, Daniel ;)) but we have to choose to wake up the next day and let the day before wash away and choose each other. 

So this is Brent and Sara's story. The day they chose love. They day they chose each other- again <3