The Reckhemmer Family | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Can I just say how nervous I was for this session?! Maggie is a fellow photographer- and a true artist at that- so I all kinds of giddy getting ready for the shoot!

I have only photographed one other photographer's family and it did not go so well. It was several years ago and I was so nervous that I rushed myself getting camera settings set and ended up having to do a ton of post processing. 

Well, getting their cute lil family in front of the camera pretty much took care of nerves. I mean, you can't be nervous when you're looking at Abe's sweet little face! And then watching Maggie and Alex laugh and cuddle and joke and smile at their boy; any nerves I may have started with dissipated pretty quick!

Not only is Maggie a fellow photographer, she's MY photographer! She did my headshots a couple months ago and she will be doing our family photos this fall! Plus, she's my second shooter for weddings! Besides being a fantastic photographer, she's a great friend! It's so much fun to get our little BBs together! I just know Charlie and Abe are going to grow up being buds and that makes this momma pretty dang happy :)

Here is Maggie, Alex and Abe's session <3 <3