The Newquist Family | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Anytime a new family contacts me for photos I'm pretty much over the moon. Getting to learn what makes them laugh, what makes them happy, where they are ticklish, what their favorite toys and activities are- I just get so excited to meet a new family! AND I absolutely love getting to be around families when all they have to do is love on each other. 

PLUS, it's an easy way to my heart when the family is a new little family of three with a little girl only a few months older than my little guy. Watching her play and toddle around and chat to everyone- I just can't believe my little Charlie will be as old as Claire in a matter of, like, months. 

PLUS, PLUS, I love seeing the way a new baby brings a mom and dad closer together. How much more in love they seem now that they have a mini-them. This little trio- no different. Mom and dad totally crazy for each other and over the moon about their baby girl and their little bitty Claire crazy about them in return. 

As usual, I edited way too many images and what you are seeing here is truly the sneak peek. It's only about a third of their final images! All self control just goes out the window when I see so much adorableness.

I loved spending the evening with them and hope you enjoy their session as much as I did!!