The Miller Family | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Oops. Another family session where after culling through the images, I am left with hundreds (literally, 400 images) that I think are all winners. So, I go through and get pickier and am left with only the excellent images. The images that, if I were on the receiving end, I would want ALL of because they are all so good. The images where the boys are making their most adorable faces, where mom and dad are laughing and telling jokes, where the snuggles are real and the hugs are in the form of bear. And that brings the grand total down to 244.

Like I said, oops.

But the way I see it is like this- why not give as many images as I can? Why not give you three images where it looks like your little boy's smile is all the same? When a momma bear looks at those three images, she will see three different smiles from her little boy. She will see the nuances and quirks in his little smile that only a momma can see. Yeah, I leave the really hard decisions to the client ;)

The Miller's. One of those families where every smile was different, but genuine and worth keeping. I am absolutely head over heals for those little boys and feel so lucky to have been able to get so many wonderful images for them.

Take a look, fall in love with those boys, then email me to set up your time to capture timeless smiles <3