The Hoffman's | Quad City Family Photographer

Anytime a family says ‘we just want photos of us loving each other’, I get all goose bumpy! And this sesh was no different. Kara, Dan and bb Evelyn: an adorable lil trio in an adorable lil house with a whole lotta love for each other!

Since it’s all cold and blizzardy outside, I thought this cozy family lifestyle session would be great to share today. Then I went looking at the session and remembered how many favorites I have! Sooo sorry not sorry that you’re gonna get an overload of cuteness!

The only other thing I want to say about this session is that it is a PERFECT example of how simple but absolutely lovely in-home lifestyle sessions can be. Choose one or two rooms with good light and declutter them a bit, dress casually, and get ready to snuggle!


Jessica SheridanComment