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Tom + Jess + Avery | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

When I met up with Tom and Jess to do their engagement photos I asked them, is there anything in particular you're looking for or specific ideas you have? Jess and Tom just kind of looked at each other and said 'We just kinda want pictures of the three of us playing together'. My heart about leapt from my chest because HOW PERFECT! Sure it was Tom and Jess' engagement session, but it was also a chance to get some family photos with lil Avery who, by the way, is already almost 3. I remember holding her when she wasn't even 24 hours old in the hospital! To see her up and running and pulling on every heart string her parents have just by being her sweet little self, made my heart smile for days.

I know Tom and Jess through the theatre world and we've worked on a few projects together over the years and after all those how cool to see them doing the kid project!  They are such wonderful parents to their little girl. They're raising the next generation of Good Ones. You know, the Good Ones- the people who just make you feel good when you're around them? Yeah, Avery does that to ya. She makes you want to play in the dirt and read books and explore and I think that's pretty cool.

It was a lot of fun to hang with these three for the afternoon and I can't wait to see them on Tom and Jess' wedding day <3 <3

Jenna + Logan | Quad Cities Wedding and Engagement Photographer

It was cold and rainy and generally icky outside, but these two lit it up. Logan quite literally couldn't keep his hands off Jenna and Jenna couldn't stop smiling like she had just met him! All I said was 'Logan, I think you need to keep her warm' and that was it. Just my kind of engagement session. Kisses, cuddles, hugs- everything about these two had adorable written all over it!

I LOVE when a wedding client also chooses to book an engagement session! It's a good chance to meet each other and get to know one another before we spend the wedding day together! I'll be photographing Jenna and Logan's wedding this June- I can't wait!