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Lead(h)er QC | Quad Cities Wedding and Headshot Photographer

So, if you're a woman in the Quad Cities, are a business professional of any kind and have NOT heard about Lead(h)er QC, I highly recommend you check them out! It's a mentoring organization aimed at pairing a mentor with a mentee to work together to become better business professionals and stronger women! The organization is coming up on a year of doing business and has successfully matched almost 100 pairs! They decided a couple months ago to revamp their website and hired the ever-so-talented Heather White. Heather recommended to them to hire a photographer who could really personalize their website for them! I was of course honored when she contacted me! 

They were after a pretty specific look for the site in terms of the edit which was a fun challenge for me! Those images are laid out below the headshots of the board. The board decided that having cohesive headshots would look more professional than the random assortment that was being used. Below are the headshots! To see them in action or to learn more about Lead(h)er and how you can get involved, check out their website:

Thanks, Lead(h)er QC team! Keep changing the world!

Parks and Recreation Headshots | Quad Cities Wedding and Headshot Photographer

Yes, I do headshots for LOTS of actors, but I also do them for businesses and business professionals! The latest group I got to photograph was the management team of Davenport's Parks and Recreation department! 

Having uniformity among your professionals' photos looks way better when selling your business to a client. Ever see one of those 'meet the team' sites with pictures ranging from high school graduation photos to a quick get-it-done selfie? Regardless of the excellence those employees may possess, it won't read to your clients! Get a photo that matches them in quality!

It's quick and easy and painless! I was with this group for a few quick minutes before their management meeting one day! I know how busy people get and I likewise understand how hard it can be to make all of your employees commit even more time out of their schedule for a photo. Schedule it right before/after a meeting! I won't take much time and I can even come to you!

Thanks to everyone at Parks and Recreation! You guys look great :)