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The Truth About My Maternity Photos | Quad Cities Wedding and Maternity Photographer

So, I meant to blog these photos when Charlie was 28 weeks since I did the photo shoot when I was 28 weeks, but life gets away from you when you have a baby and I'm just now getting to it. When he is 8 months.  Oops.

But really, do you ever look at a picture of yourself and think 'wow, that's what I look like?' Well, that's what I was thinking the other day looking at my maternity photos. I can't believe I was ever pregnant with an 8lb 11oz baby! Like, he really fit in me?! One could argue he didn't actually fit and that's why my belly was so rotund by only 18 weeks. When I was pregnant, I would look at pictures of non-pregnant me and think the same thing. "I'll never be 'me' again", "I can't believe that's what I used to look like.", the list goes on. I guess the grass is always greener.

But, looking back at these pictures I felt only pride. Proud of what my body was able to accomplish- growing a baby and all. It truly amazes me the way a woman's body just knows what to do! What an experience!

Pregnancy was pretty smooth all in all, but I could tell that I was going to have giant belly so opted to do my photos around 28 weeks when I thought I'd feel better about myself. I chose to keep my session natural and simple and focused on the belly! Looking back on the photos, I don't know if it would be possible to not feel good about myself and all that it was accomplishing. I almost wish I had fully documented my big ol baby belly! 

Have I mentioned to you yet that my husband is an artist through and through? Sure, his medium is theatre, but a person with an artistic soul sees beauty in everything- Including their uber pregnant wife! I set some settings, generally told him what shot I wanted and had him snap away. He. Did. So. Good. So so good. He made me feel beautiful through and through with his sweet little comments. It was a special day for us, just celebrating our Baby Bee <3

Photos by Daniel, edits by me :)