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Kim and Trey | Quad Cities Wedding and Headshot Photographer

Here are a few more headshots I had the privilege of working on for a couple clients, Kim and Trey!

Kim's been in the business for more than 20 years, has worked across the country and has had some of the craziest things life has to offer thrown her way. But through everything that has come her way, she has persisted with that mega-watt smile and a heart of gold. She's one of the good ones and I'm so glad we got to catch up and chat a bit (and do her shots, of course ;))

Trey has been a student of mine since he was 5! Those big ol puppy dog eyes of his have been pulling on my heart strings for a long time so I was totally honored when his mom asked me to do his headshots! This little guy is a go getter for sure! He has auditioned for national tours, films, commercial work and plays and has goals of making it big! 

Kim and Trey- thanks a ton for spending some time with me and getting your headshots taken!

Emily's Senior Session | Quad Cities Wedding and Headshot Photographer

I quit doing senior photos a looooong time ago. I get asked all the time by graduating seniors if I will do their shots and I always so no. I could go on and on about why I quit doing them but suffice it to say it's something that I think other photographers do better. 

But. When you've known someone since they were 10 and that someone happens to nanny for you AND that someone says 'I really just want to go to Rozz-Tox and take some headshot type senior photos' you give in a little. So, we went to Rozz-Tox, drank some coffee, chatted about boys and took some pictures. The light was perfect, the subject was adorable and the coffee was superb. 

Moral of the story is that any senior who wants to do some headshot-coffee-shop-type senior photos: give me a call ;)