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The Truth About Shared Light | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

So, I've had the same logo since I started out (SIX years ago!). Yeah, I thought it was time to upgrade, too! I contacted a dear gal Mariah Danielsen (check her out- Wander Design Co!) who went right to work coming up with the new look for Shared Light! It was really cool to be on this side of things and see how designers work! This is the Moodboard that she developed and I feel like it speaks so much to my work! Natural, honest, moody, simple, and I give it my all!

WDco - Shared Light Photography Logo Mocks Rd 1.jpg

From here, we emailed and chatted and worked (amazingly well together, by the way!) to come up with the new look for Shared Light. Aaaaaaaaand, here it is! 


I love it. I love the sunburst feel and I love the raw, natural look! It's a different route than I thought I would have taken, but I'm so glad Mariah was so creative and pushed me to think outside the box!

So, what does Shared Light mean?

'Scuze me while I get all metaphorical up on my soap box for a minute. I am a photographer, business owner, marketer, the list goes on and on. But I consider myself above all an artist and story teller. While I learned story telling from the stage before I learned how to tell stories with images, there are a lot of bits that cross over. Like, what's the point in putting on a play if no one comes to see it? Think about it- the actors studying the piece don't need to perform for themselves- they need an active audience to hear and see the story. Likewise, what does an image matter if no one sees it? Images are meant to be seen, meant to tell a story and meant to make an impact on the viewer. So, wether it's telling the story of Hamlet, Blanche Dubois, your newborn or your family of 5, we are making art to show to someone. 

How do we see performers on stage or the subjects in a photo? The answer is pretty basic. Light. The light from an ellipsoidal, the light from a candle, the light from a soft box, the light from the sun. It's all light. To observe a story or image, we (if even for a moment) share the light of the subject. When I started out in this business, I knew I wanted to be a story teller. I knew I wanted to share the light with my subjects and viewers in order to make an impact. 

And, well, that's it. I want to share in the light we're provided to tell some stories. 

I know. It's kinda out there. And if nothing else, I can say that I was just young when I started this business and was feeling *super* artistic having just come from undergrad. Although, I hope I never fully outgrow that sense of idealism. Then what's the fun?!

Thanks for indulging me :)

The Matthews Family | Quad City Wedding and Family Photographer

Does this family look kinda familiar? You might not recognize McKenzie without the surgical gear, but she is the surrogate I wrote about a few months back. If you missed that blog post, check it out here.

It was pretty sweet to meet McKenzie's kiddos. And in case you're wondering, they are every bit as awesome as she is. This whole family is just- great. They remind me a lot of what it was like to grow up in my family. A mom and dad who are totally into each other and dedicated to raising good people, inside jokes, witty come backs to playful low blows, rough housing, high fives, tickles and lots of love.

As usual, I over shot and ended up with way too many amazing shots, so this is kind of a long blog post- enjoy a look at the Matthews family!