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This is me and the two most important fellas in my world!

I have been married to my husband Daniel for almost 9 years! We love to adventure, DIY the ish outta our house, marathon food shows then search out delicious food to eat, hang out in coffee shops together and explore local craft brews while sitting by a fire in our backyard. Not only is Daniel my best friend and soul mate, he's also my IT guy, accountant, tax guy and biggest supporter! 

 We have one tiny and another on the way! Our little guy is Charlie and he will be about 21 months when his little brother gets here! Charlie loves reading books, NOT sharing food, the moon and snuggling with mama and dada. He motivates me to work harder and to be a better person every day! We can't wait to add another little boy to our family and look forward to the coming adventures as a family of four!

Me? Well, I am a coffee addict, Netflix binge artist (especially during editing marathons), lover of tacos, sunlight and adventure. I have a theatre degree and teach theater classes to kids ages 3-18 at Davenport Junior Theatre. I am naturally an introvert and love to recharge after a busy day at home with my guys. I believe in trying to make a difference any way I can so my sons will grow up in a thriving community. I am obsessed with our 98 year old house and making it as cozy a place for my family as possible. I love slouchy shirts and black skinnies and fall weather when I can wear my favorite scarves! I am constantly going back and forth between chopping my hair into a pixie, growing it out and chopping it again. Some day I'll make up my mind, but today is not that day :)


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I am a lifestyle photographer focusing on families. How they start, how they grow and where they go. Wether you're newly engaged, just married, expecting your first (or 5th!) baby or wanting an extended family photo with you and all the grandkids- it's all family and that's my focus. When we work together, you'll get photos of your family actually BEING. Playing. Cuddling. Loving. The moments that fall between 'smile and look at the camera' are the moments I specialize in. Details of the way your family holds hands, the way your toddler blows you kisses and the way your fiancé looks at you when you laugh. These are shots you'll fall in love with when you receive your Shared Light gallery! 

Every detail that makes your family special- that is what I want to capture. I'm a fool for sunset and getting that last bit of golden daylight to shine on you for your photos. I don't use props. I don't do sets. I won't pose you in an awkward, unnatural pose. I'll follow your lead and be there to capture your time together. 

Really, I can't believe I get to call this my job. I hang out with people in love every day and that's a pretty great way to live life <3


"I don't shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like." 


Let's get together and have some feels and take some pictures.


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What's your name?
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If you have a date in mind, let me know!