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Hey! I'm Jessica! This is me^

I have been married to my husband Daniel for 8 years and we have one kiddo of our own. His name is Charlie and he is the greatest little bundle of love! I am a coffee addict, Netflix binge artist, lover of tacos, sunlight and adventure. I am naturally an introvert but break out of my shell when it's time to perform or teach theatre to youngsters. My family is my world and I believe in trying to make a difference so my son will grow up in a thriving community. I am obsessed with our 96 year old house and making it as cozy a place for my family as possible. Daniel and I are devoted DIYers and do all our house projects ourselves which means a 3 hour project usually turns into a week and a half. I love slouchy shirts and black skinnies and fall weather when I can wear my favorite scarves!


I am a natural light portrait photographer focusing on families. How they start, how they grow and where they go. I use minimal, natural posing to capture your family just being. I am a sucker for details and love to get those little moments that often get overlooked: tender smooches, big ol hear hugs, giggles and belly laughs, hand holding and joke telling. Every detail that makes your family special- that is what I want to capture.I'm a fool for sunset and getting that last bit of golden daylight to shine on you for your photos. I've said it before and I'll say it again; my family is my everything. And I know yours is too.


"I don't shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like." 


Let's get together and have some feels and take some pictures.


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What's your name?
If you have a date in mind, let me know!
If you have a date in mind, let me know!