Your Love story




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I love being married. I've been married to my husband/BFF/IT helper-guy for almost 9 years and honestly, it's the coolest. To have a buddy to go through life with- someone to build a home and a family and who will love you even when you accidentally forget to get extra crab rangoons. 

Marriage is a blast. 

And I can't wait to help you celebrate yours. 

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I mean, weddings are really magic, aren't they? That so many people come together to celebrate *love*. In my opinion, the world needs more of that. When I photograph your wedding, I'll capture your magic and I'll tell your love story.

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I adore backyard, old mansion, coffee shop kinds of weddings and shoot them using only natural light. My style is rich and honest and deep and vibrant and full of feeling. I'll be there for the tear when he sees you in your dress for the first time. I'll be there for the moment your MOH catches your bouquet and gives her boyfriend a wink. And you betchya I'll be there for your first deep sweet kisses, gentle cuddles and loving embraces as husband and wife.  

Think we might work well together? Me too. Let's get coffee and talk!

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Wedding Day coverage

starts at $2500

Wedding day coverage is customizable and varies based on your needs.

If you'd like more information, get a hold of me for access to my complete wedding guide.