Mason Turns One | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

I told ya'll I was going to get all gushy and sentimental when I did Mason's one year shoot and I am not here to disappoint so here goes:

OOOOOOOh my gosh Mason is ONE which means my little guy is not far behind and omg how can that be possible because I remember doing Mason's shoot and being super pregnant and how tiny he was and how I was looking forward to doing my little guy's newborn session and now I'm planning his one year shoot and omg I think I'm just going to be a puddle for a while.

Okay. Now that that is done, I can tell you guys what a great time I had with Mason's family during his one year shoot! It was a beautiful night and the sun was out and Mason is just absolutely a joy to photograph! You may remember him being a brunette from his 6-month photos- I did too! Melissa said they gave him a haircut and all of a sudden he was a little blondie! I have a feeling that whenever we give Charlie his first haircut, the same thing is going to happen!

I hope you guys like a peak into their session!