Mason Turns 6 Months | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

I know what you're thinking. I just saw Mason's newborn photos, what, a month ago? You did. 

They don't grow that fast, but it catches me off guard every time it's time to meet up again to do a little one's 6 month or 1 year photos and this time was no different. As a photographer, I see kids grow up quickly, but now that I'm a mom? Holy cow does time fly. You always hear people say their kids grow up fast and I think that's something you can't fully understand until you're a parent. Taking photos of other people's kids and watching them get older only reminds me of how much bigger my little guy is getting. The next time I see Mason and his family, my little guy will be about 10 months and I just can't fathom that! That's why pictures like these are so important. You can't get this time back, but you can take lots of pictures to remember when. 

Dear sweet Mason, don't grow so fast! Time, slow down!