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The Matthews Family | Quad City Wedding and Family Photographer

Does this family look kinda familiar? You might not recognize McKenzie without the surgical gear, but she is the surrogate I wrote about a few months back. If you missed that blog post, check it out here.

It was pretty sweet to meet McKenzie's kiddos. And in case you're wondering, they are every bit as awesome as she is. This whole family is just- great. They remind me a lot of what it was like to grow up in my family. A mom and dad who are totally into each other and dedicated to raising good people, inside jokes, witty come backs to playful low blows, rough housing, high fives, tickles and lots of love.

As usual, I over shot and ended up with way too many amazing shots, so this is kind of a long blog post- enjoy a look at the Matthews family!

The Link's 50th Anniversary | Quad Cities Wedding and Family Photographer

Fifty. Years. Like, 5-0. That's a lot of years. 

I'm not one to talk about how hard marriage is, because I love everything about marriage. I have a great partner and we respect each other and communicate well and quite frankly, I think it's pretty sweet to go through life with this guy of mine. That being said, there are ups and downs. There are times when we don't see eye-to-eye on things, times when life takes over and pulls us apart and times when we just really want some alone time. What makes 50 years of marriage pretty impressive though, is that through any rough patches, love stays constant.

Love is a verb, after all, and we have to constantly be loving. If you aren't active in your love for one another, it stops. I think this is where I could get all physics-ish on you guys about things in motion staying in motion, blah, blah, blah, but I think you get it. Just like Dorothy and Don. You gotta keep on loving, one day at a time, and in the blink of an eye, 50 years will go by.

Dorothy and Don's family got together to celebrate their 50th anniversary and I was lucky enough to be there to photograph it. It was a beautifully elegant dinner at the Blackhawk Hotel in downtown Davenport! Everyone was dressed in black and gold to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the two who started it all.

Enjoy a look at part of the evening and join me in wishing a very happy anniversary to these two lovebirds <3